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Alexis Nicole Go

Alexis Nicole Go, 23 is a powerlifting -84kg junior born and raise in Philippines Zamboanga City


Her background is on judo and powerlifting  but about 5 years ago when she was in third year of college and she had a teammate in judo that was doing powerlifting and she  saw how strong she was getting. She wanted to be strong like her and  see more improvement. 

Her father also encouraged her to join as he was a bodybuilding enthusiast plus she became best friends with Preetiz (her teammate and a powerlifter athlete) that kept motiving her and cheering her up all the way. 


Her  main goal is to stay healthy and injure free as much as possible and also break the junior national records in her weight class.


A hardship that made her stronger was when her family saw that powerlifting was not just a hobby but a life decision. 

They saw no benefit and told her that she should just stop competitive lifting and start lifting to lose weight. During college it was fine but after she graduated they expected her to be more responsible and saw her lifting career as just a hobby and not a sport. Many times she wanted to quit but she just kept training. She was lucky enough to be consistently part of the Powerlifting Philippine team since 2015, It has given her the wonderful opportunity to travel around Asia. Now she is  blessed to meet wonderful people with the same passion and they never really lost connection even after the competition. Hard work and perseverance kept her humble and thankful for the great things powerlifting has taught her.


Her proudest moment is every chance she  gets to represent her country in Asian championships  and soon around the world, but what keep her motivation alive is to  continue lifting with her teammates. The friendship and camaraderie keep her sane and of course the powerlifting community itself is an amazing motivation to lift and do better. Sometimes she meets "fans" and it  is  truly honoured to be someone they look up to and it also pushes her to be a better person.


You can find her at

IG @original.nicole

FB Alexis Go

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