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Carla and Michael

How long have you been at Raincity Athletics? What brought you to RA? 

Carla: Been at Raincity Athletics for just over a year. My boyfriend started up a year prior to me, and spoke highly of everyone there, so I kind of thought it was a no brainer to come join in on the action!

Michael: 2 years, it just looked like fun

How have you adjusted your training habits since insolation started? 

Carla: Nothing has actually really changed. Training everyday has always been a priority for me, the only difference doing it at home was that it wasn’t even close to being as hard as the classes are!

Michael:Training at a distance

What do you miss the most about the gym? 

Carla: The laughs and seeing everyone’s smiling face everyday

Michael: The atmosphere and the people

What have you learned about your self during this time? 

Carla: I’ve learnt that I really enjoy the time that I put into my fitness routines, whether that’s going to the gym or jumping on my bike and hitting the road!

Michael: I work harder with others around

What move do you hate the most but you are so desperate to come back to the gym that you won't mind to do?

Carla: Kipping pull-ups!

Michael: Toe to bar

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