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Casey Chin

Where did you born and where do you live? 

Born in New Westminster and I currently live in East Vancouver

What is your athletic background? 


What sport do practice? and if it is applicable what category are you on? 

I used to play professional football

How long ago did you start and How did get into this sport? 

I was 9 and I got into it because my dad coached football and I was a ball boy.

What is your main goal? 

To be the best trainer/coach that I can be

Tell me about a hardship that you’ve been through, that you turned into a positive outcome and how your training help you? 

My dad passed away when I was 15. Playing football and following that dream helped me stay focused. I now use training to stay healthy, not only physically but mentally as well.

What has been your proudest moment or/and biggest accomplishment? 

Getting drafted was a very proud moment.

What does keep you motivated? and what are your top 3 mental skills to keep you going? 

I love to compete with myself and see what I’m capable of. The guy I see in the mirror is my biggest competition and motivator. 3 skills: 1. Train early 2. Cold Showers 3. Aim to train each day

How did you adapt your training during insolation and what did you learn the most about yourself during this time? 

I had to get creative and realizes that I can train literally anywhere

How have Covid-19 affected your training? 

Haven’t been able to lifts heavy weights so I’ve had to adapt in order to maintain strength.

How has your mental strength helped you deal with these times? 

I’m lucky enough to have a great support system in my parter and family.

Please give me the top 3 things/rituals/habits you do to stay on track towards your goals 

Going to bed on time, never hitting the snooze button and training first thing in the morning

How did you realize you want to be a coach? 

I just stumbled upon it.

What is the best part of coaching? 

The mental side

What have you learned the most about you? 

I truly enjoy seeing my clients succeed knowing that I played a small role in it.

How do you inspire your athletes? 

I try to set the example.

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