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Cat Hambly

Where did you born and where do you live? 

Born in Alliston, ON Live in Vancouver,BC since 2011

What is your athletic background? 

Played hockey, soccer and basketball at the collegiate level. Played in the CWHL in ON and the SCFHL in BC. Coached and competed in Crossfit and currently competing in Weightlifting as a masters athlete.

What sport do practice? and if it is applicable what category are you on? 

Masters Weightlifting as an 81kg lifter in the women's 40-44 age category.

How long ago did you start and How did get into this sport? 

I started weightlifting as part of Crossfit in 2013. I started training exclusively in weightlifting in 2015 with my coach Jeremy Martin of Loaded Athletics. I always loved the feel of the barbell going back to weight room days of hockey training. Getting under heavy weight made me feel strong and powerful and it was a great change for me from team sports. It was just me vs. me! I love the challenge of the daily grind. I love how weightlifting challenges the mind. Some days feel easy and light and other days you have to grind it out but always thinking of the long game. We joke about it being 'weighted golf'. Some days I feel like I am finally figuring out how to snatch and other days I feel like its my first day again. Ha.

What is your main goal? 

My main goal is to push myself to my absolute limit. I am still getting stronger and technically better as a 42 year old lifter and I feel like I still have a few personal records to achieve. Ideally, I would love to win a gold medal at World Masters next year in Tokyo. My ideal numbers or kgs lifted would be 80kg snatch and 100kg clean and jerk. I have a way to go on my snatch (my best is 75) but I feel like the 100 clean and jerk is coming soon. :)

Tell me about a hardship that you’ve been through, that you turned into a positive outcome and how your training help you? 

One of the hardest things I've been through as an athlete was an ACL injury. I tore my left ACL in 2008 playing soccer. Once I had the surgery in April my goal was to be back playing hockey in the fall. I made it a personal mission to get back in game shape. I worked with an amazing Physiotherapist in Mississauga, ON who not only worked on my rehab program but gave me unlimited time to train in his facility. I learned so much from him watching him rehab pro athletes that it inspired me to enter the health and fitness industry.

What has been your proudest moment or/and biggest accomplishment? 

My proudest moment with weightlifting was lifting at Masters Nationals back home in ON in-front of my family who watched me set National records and achieve personal bests.

What does keep you motivated? and what are your top 3 mental skills to keep you going? 

Knowing this sport is the long game! Achievements aren't reached every day. But slowly and surely I know I will get there. I like the game within the game. I think about the little wins every day that add up to the big ones. I try and pick out one or two things in my workout to focus on doing better than last week or the day before.

How did you adapt your training during insolation and what did you learn the most about yourself during this time? 

During isolation my partner and I set up training on our patio outside. We had a tent and a make-shift platform and I had some equipment already so we made it work. It was actually great because unlike the gym with time constraints we were able to focus better and take our time through our program. I actually never felt stronger during this time. Although not the perfect set-up it allowed us to keep some sort of schedule. It also kept us from killing each other haha. I think it really showed a commitment to the sport as well as a commitment to myself to continually challenge myself to get better.

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