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Catrina Guglielmucci

Catrina was born and raised in Vancouver. She  played all the sports growing up and in high school, from basketball to ultimate frisbee. Soccer was always her favourite. She  eventually moved to Montreal to play varsity soccer and complete her undergraduate studies


Now, She does CrossFit and she is killing it! She  officially started CrossFit almost 4 years ago. Before that, she started becoming interested in the sport because of coworkers. She learnt a lot of the Olympic lifting and some basic gymnastics from her friends outside of a CrossFit gym. 



Her main goal is to continue to challenge herself and enjoy the process. She is doing CrossFit because  she LOVE it, it makes her happy, connects her to amazing people and keeps her healthy. She doesn’t  want to ever lose/forget THOSE reasons.


What has been your most proudest moment or/and biggest accomplishment?  

Her most proudest moment was when  she completed her  masters and officially becoming a Physiotherapist.  She is OBSESSED with  her job 😍



She is  lucky to be very self motivated and determined. When she  wants something She  will do whatever it takes to get it. Daniel and her  family have played a big role in pushing and supporting her to reach higher and chase bigger things. There’s no question that the amazing people in her life motivate her on a daily basis

Want see more from her! Follow her on  Instagram

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