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Kehly Stolz


How did you realize you want to be a coach? 
The gym is my favourite place. I absolutely love CrossFit, and the empowerment it’s given me. My life has been enriched by the community at LoLo, and I want to share that with others. 

What is the best part of coaching? 
Seeing someone’s eyes light up when they’ve done something they didn’t think they could! 

What have you learned the most about you? 
I’ve learned the value of being honest and vulnerable. It’s a lot easier to relate to people when you can just be you! 

How do you inspire your athletes? 
My hope is that I can inspire others to realize anything is possible with hard work. I also want people to know life is a lot better when we can smile at challenges and face them head on. We’re always stronger and more capable than we think.

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