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How long have you been at Raincity Athletics? What brought you to RA? 
It’s been six months already. I was looking for a new gym closer from home, good programming and positive vibes. After my one week free trial, RA gave me everything.

How have you adjusted your training habits since insolation started? 

It’s been hard, basically because the weather is a factor. I don’t have space at home to hit the workout as I would like to, so if it rains, and depending on the movements, I might or not do the WOD indoors. 

What do you miss the most about the gym? 

Being able to work out around cool, awesome and funny people and my routine on my way to the gym.
What have you learned about your self during this time? *
That I need to keep on working on self-motivation and learn that things take time.
What move do you hate the most but you are so desperate to come back to the gym that you won't mind to do?
Battle rope

Favourite quote

I have a lot. I live by quotes hahah. I’ll give you two “Hold the vision, trust the process” and “If you see someone without a smile, give them one of yours” 

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