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About David Henderson

What is your athletic background? 

I’ve played soccer at a semi professional in Ireland, USA and Australia. Soccer is my passion, in Europe it’s like a religion!

What sport do practice? and if it is applicable what category are you on? 

I still play soccer recreationally and Gaelic football. I now focus more on the coaching of athletes and improve their performance through my experience.

How long ago did you start and How did get into this sport? 

I’ve played soccer since I can remember! In Ireland it’s the main sport along with Gaelic football.

What is your main goal? 

My main goal now is to coach athletes and members of Denman Athletics to help their reach their fitness and performance goals.

Tell me about a hardship that you’ve been through, that you turned into a positive outcome and how your training help you? 

I believe last year (2020) has been a very difficult year for everybody. The silver lining for me was seeing how the majority of the population prioritized their health and fitness. I realized that training my members remotely was a fantastic way to stay in touch with them and keep them motivated! Both here in Vancouver and back home in Ireland. Maintaining a sense of community with my members even when not physically with one another was hugely important to me!

What has been your proudest moment or/and biggest accomplishment? 

For sure my proudest moment has been opening Denman Athletics to the West End community. I believe that even during this difficult time that fitness is vital to our wellbeing. Both physically and mentally. I’m proud to provide the West End with a hub that they can exercise safely and focus on their goals.

What does keep you motivated? and what are your top 3 mental skills to keep you going? 

Having specific goals is hugely important for me. Both in the short term and long term. We don’t feel motivated 100% of the time. What works for me is keeping my goals at the forefront of my mind and keeping structure to my routine. I remind myself that being able to exercise and workout is something I GET to do and not HAVE to do. There are many people out there that would love to exercise but for many reasons are not able to. I believe in surrounding yourself with people who uplift you and challenge you to be better. The circle of people you spend the most time with will tell you how successful you will be.

How did you adapt your training during insolation and what did you learn the most about yourself during this time? 

We have to adapt! If something is important enough to you- you will find a way! Training for me is non negotiable! Get it done- no excuses.

How have Covid-19 affected your training? 

Limited access to facilities for sure but overall it hasn’t overly affected my training. It has definitely made me appreciate things I would have taken for granted previously. Like a squat rack!!

How has your mental strength helped you deal with these times? 

Mental health and strength is everything! I have learned to focus on the things that I can control and not get too bogged down with things that I cannot.

Please give me the top 3 things/rituals/habits you do to stay on track towards your goals 

Accountability! As a coach myself I understand the important of having one. My coach checks in with me once a week and we communicate how things are going. Accountability is key. I track my progress. Workouts and performance should be tracked. It’s ensures I train with a purpose every time. Balance. It’s important for me to find balance. I train hard, work hard but also want to take the time to enjoy life! After all isn’t that what it’s all about?!

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