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Kate Griffiths  age 23 years old 


Born on Red Deer, living in  Calgary


She played high level elite hockey, took a golf scholarship to the states for university. After she pursued figure bodybuilding to national and international levels, she found CrossFit.


She started about a year and 1/2 ago. She decided after her  last bug bodybuilding show she wanted to compete in something more sporty and CrossFit was the perfect fit.


Her main goal is to  pursue this sport to the top level that she is capable of while enjoying the process and continue to learn as she  grows in the sport!


She  went through hard ship turning down hockey scholarships and hanging up the skates due to concussions. It was hard to turn down the sport she  loved but she was able to grow in a new sport at a collegiate level. It was positive because even though it wasn't what she wanted to pursue at the time it has lead me to great opportunity in other areas of life.


One of her  biggest accomplishment was placing at Canadian which lead me to compete at Arnold amateur when she  was bodybuilding. A stage at that level was a huge accomplishment. But she felt like she has little accomplishments that happen daily and weekly leading towards those proudest moments!


She has  a lot of support in her  life that keeps her motivated. The people she  surrounded herself with always push her to be better in everything she does. Not just her sports but also in her career and life choices. And Hank (my Weiner dog)


You can fin her on  

Facebook: Kate M Griffiths

Instagram: heyoitskateo

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