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Kristen Lim, born and raised in San Juan City, Philiphines! Her athletic background is in  High School and Collegiate Cheerleader. 


She started Crossfit  in 2014 a few months after she graduated. She  was looking for a fitness regime that could help her maintain her weight after she successfully finished a  diet program. A local affiliate opened in her neighbourhood and so she decided to sign up even without knowing anything about what CrossFit was. All she knew was that it has gymnastics and she enjoy doing gymnastics.


Her main goal is to be able to grow the sport in the local community -- be able to make the local community aware of the CrossFit like it is a mainstream sport such as volleyball and basketball wherein people would be interested to watch it.


She was just a seedling back then with the potential to grow but it will require a lot of care and patients from her coach. She had the strength but required all the skill set to tackle the workouts. They had to focus on getting all her gymnastics so She didn't get stuck on any events during competitions. From there, they had to increase volume and finally when she was able to complete everything, she had to build my engine.


She has experienced competitions both local and international wherein she would get stuck in an event due to her lack in skill set. However, it did not hinder her from pursuing being a CrossFit Athlete but rather, it fuelled her drive even more. Looking back at it, She is very happy that she had to work extra hard for whatever strengths that she have in this sport. It allowed her to believe and trust in the process, learn discipline and patients and also allowed her to empathize with her current students and pass the lessons she’s learned to them.


All of this effort took her to her biggest accomplishment getting an invite to compete in the CrossFit Games 2019 and be able to represent  The Philippines.



As a coach - She is  able to help her students feel accomplished with their progress.

As an athlete -She wants to inspire others by showing them how hard work and patience pays off.

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