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by Karina Christiansen

How did you realize you want to be a coach? 

When my life had been changed for both the good and bad by a coach, I realized I wanted to go down that path helping others flip their health around, not just for 12-weeks but for life.


What is the best part of coaching? 

Witnessing someone decide to take their life back.

What have you learned the most about you? 

I’m strong. I’m capable. I’m confident. I’m loud. I’m proud.

How do you inspire your athletes? 

As a group trainer I am notorious for high-energy, charisma and VOLUME. As an athlete I carry this unique balance of tough but tender, strong but smiley, ruggedly feminine energy. Beyond my loud ways and upbeat demeanour, I like to reveal to an athlete what they “think” they’re capable of and show them they can do so much more.

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