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How long have you been at Raincity Athletics? What brought you to RA? 

Since it opened! I was at CFK before that and switched over with because Lex was part of the team. 

How have you adjusted your training habits since insolation started? 

I am very lucky to have a large driveway and RA was generous enough to loan me pretty much any piece of equipment not bolted down to the ground. So I continued training on my own. 

What do you miss the most about the gym? 

The dogs! 

What have you learned about your self during this time? 

I’m not as introverted as I thought! I miss interacting with the gym community. 

What move do you hate the most but you are so desperate to come back to the gym that you won't mind to do?

Pull-ups since a pull-up bar is one thing I don’t have at home during COVID. 

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