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Myriam Pâquet

How long have you been at Raincity Athletics? What brought you to RA? 

I moved to Vancouver last November and I was looking for a new gym. I first started going to Raincity Athletics only for the Teamwod on Saturday, as my boyfriend was already a member there. I felt in love with the ambiance and people I met, so just before the pandemic, I've decided to fully train there during the week as well.

How have you adjusted your training habits since insolation started? 

As being physically active is important for me, I was committed finding ways to continue training at home. I started buying some stuff (e.g. set of rings, abmat, bands) and then, Raincity Athletics lent me lots of equipment - I am so grateful! Luckily, I was able to follow my regular training program with minimal adjustments, or with some creativity. For example, I've been doing pull-ups on the construction site structure and for squat rack, I used milk crates. Like I said, I was very committed to find ways! I've been training outside most of the time, or in my building underground parking when raining. I also bought a dolly to facilitate moving plates and stuffs around. I am now forever known as the crazy girl of my building ;-)

What do you miss the most about the gym? 

Oh! I am missing all the ERGs machine!

What have you learned about your self during this time? 

I've learned that if something is really important for me, I will find ways to make it happens. It has also forced me to be a little bit more flexible about my training, and I would say about life in general. The slower-paced life gives me the opportunity to appreciate more the people around me and just small little things that we often take for granted (e.g. I've never witnessed so many seals in the water haha!). I think I've always been craving for this "pause", but never had the courage to take it.

What move do you hate the most but you are so desperate to come back to the gym that you won't mind doing?

As I said, I was lucky enough to do mostly all crossfit movements during this time. I think the movements I hate the most are the ones I am not good at haha. I hate any work with a kettlebell (worse, with 2 KB), but I wouldn't mind going back to the gym for a kettlebell workout ;-) Oh, and I wouldn't mind doing a 20 min echo bike max

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