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Renee-Claude Rioux

Renee-Claude Rioux. 33 y/o

Where did you born and where do you live? 

Born in Lévis, small town just outside Quebec City. I have lived in Kelowna for the past 6 years now.

What is your athletic background?

Gymnastics and swimming when I was younger. Then I played elite soccer for many years and also running! Then CrossFit :)

What sport do practice? and if it is applicable what category are you on?

Pretty much only CrossFit now! I still love to run races, hike, swim, snowshoe..!

How long ago did you start and How did get into this sport?

Started 6 or 7 years ago back in Quebec, a friend of mine brought me to a CrossFit class and I just loved it. My first workout ever was Filthy Fifty. Haha almost died, but went back for more :)

What is your main goal?

Keep getting stronger and fitter and qualify for a couple sanctioned events through the year.

Tell about about a hardship that you’ve been through and that you turned into a positive outcome

I injured my wrist 2 years ago and couldn’t work on any gymnastics movement or weightlifting. I was devastated.. but then I started to focus on what I could do to make me better and stronger. I did a lot of technical light work and strengthened my back. When I got better about 6-8 months later I was stronger and wiser ;)

What has been your most proudest moment or/and biggest accomplishment?  

Making it to twice to Regionals no doubt! It was the most terrifying and amazing CrossFit experience of my life!!

What does keep you motivate? and what are your top 3 mental skills to keep you going? 

I like to set short, medium and long term goals to keep me motivated through the year with training. For example a local competition, an online qualifier... I also like to look back a year ago and see how I evolved since then. I always want to get better. I need to work on my mental game, that it probably the biggest challenge!! I try to not be too hard with myself on the days that training doesn’t go well. I learned that sometimes, you just have to show up and do your best even if it feels like crap. lol Bad days are making you stronger. You have to embrace it and realize it’s part of the process. I find it helps :)

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Insta: rennn_01

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