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Ruth Clemens

Ruth Clemens age 26


 Born Cambridge, Ontario and n ow living in Langley, BC


Ruth background is in running, basketball ultimate frisbee and track. She got into Crossfit when her ex introduced her to Dogs Den in 2016... ended up getting engaged to one of the coaches 😬


One of her goals it was  hitting 250lb backsquat  which she was  so pumped about. She  wants to keep getting stronger in all the lift but mostly she  just enjoys the process a lot


Ugh, injuries are always a hardship, but had made her in  a way smarter athlete when it comes to recovery, actually taking rest days, being smart about not overdoing it


What keep me motivate is all the people at Dogs Den. They’re my fave people ever (besides my family. Hi mom!)


You can find her at 

IG @ruthclems

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