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Sandra Bitelli, 28

Born and raised in North Vancouver, currently lives downtown

She grew up swimming, started rowing competitively for Arizona State when the was at school there, and continued when she graduated and moved back to Vancouver. Rowed competitively until 2017, when she switched to Crossfit and never looked back ;)


She started in September of 2017. The sport of crossfit had intrigued her  for probably a year at that point, and she had started to follow the sport pretty closely. Once she hit a point where rowing wasn’t serving her the way she wanted, she made the jump over to CF

She wants to be as competitive as she can be.She is very competitive by nature, and pushing her body to its limits is something she really enjoys. The daily grind, the habits she has  formed and the continual challenge that it gives her is what keeps her  addicted to it all.



She has had her  fair share of hardship over the last couple years, and she  knows that through everything she can turn to her family and her friends - a lot of which she has  made through Crossfit. Her deep faith in God is one of the main reasons she can be such a positive person. She is  constantly reminding myself that He never throws us things that we can’t handle,



She is  really happy with the progressive has made in my 2 years of Crossfit. When she  started 2 years ago, she had no gymnastics experience, terrible back squat form, and an aerobic system that was a slow work in progress. She  has grown a ton as an athlete, both physically and mentally, and  she is  extremely proud of that.



The physical push, the emotional journey, and the incredible community at CrossFit 604 keeps her motivate and inspire her to keep training


You can find her at 

IG: sandybits

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