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aka Dentist

 How long have you been at Raincity Athletics? What brought you to RA? 

I’ve been at Raincity for 6 years. After years of working out at gyms and community centers, I was bored. A friend who was doing CrossFit encouraged me to check it out, and Raincity was close to my home. 
I did my free class and I was hooked. 

How have you adjusted your training habits since insolation started? 

I’ve focused on keeping the habit going if not the intensity. RA has given me 4 workouts a week - which I do in the alley or on the sidewalk - and if I’m in the woods I chop wood, clear brush or do online WODs. 

What do you miss the most about the gym? 

I do miss the intensity of the gym WODS. The group I train with is more important than I realized. 

What have you learned about your self during this time? 

I enjoy the team dynamic more than I realize. 

What  move do you hate the most but you are so desperate to come back to the gym that you won't mind to do?


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